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» Consultation in English «

Our law office has successfully represented several English-speaking clients. Communications with or clients and negotiations with other parties may be, among others, in English. If desired, we as well provide a specialized translator or interpreter. Our clients can obtain all relevant information on Austrian and/or Hungarian law as well in English, provided by us or our other cooperation partners in Austria and/or Hungary. We also offer official and regular translations from and to English for correspondence with Austrian and Hungarian authorities.

In addition, our clients can benefits from our several English-speaking cooperation partners in Austria working on diverse legal and economical fields.

Our other cooperations include a a network of law offices, financial advisers, bookkeepers, tax consultants and banks in both Austria and Hungary.

Fixing an appointment:

"Bis dat, qui cito dat, nil dat, qui munera tardat."
(The sooner the help arrives, the more effective it is.)

- we know this as well, and that is why we consider it as important that the clients get in touch with us as soon as possible. This promotes early and sufficient solution for their questions/problems/future plans. One of the most difficult situations is when the lawyer is contacted too late and can only take part as a "fireman" in solving a problem.

If you are not yet sure where and how to get the optimal support, or if you have questions regarding financial fees, we are happy to advise you briefly about different options in form of a first consultation.

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