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Photo - DDr. Gebhard KlötzlThe law office I work for was founded by the "head" of our group: DDr. Gebhard Klötzl ( in September 2005. By that time he has been having 25 years of professional experience.
DDr. Klötzl has been court reporter of the Austrian Constitutional Court in 1982, then he was working for the Finanzprokuratur (Central Lawyer Office of the Republic of Austria).
Since 1989 he was employed at the Ministry of Economy, at the Department of Statal Surface Construction. In 1993 he became department manager at the Law Department of the Austrian Ministry of Economy.
DDr. Klötzl is fluent in written Hungarian and is also able to join negotiations held in Hungarian. In our office, he is the specialist of administrative issues. He willingly accepts cases for which official administrative processes are necessary. He has experience in representing clients in construction processes and at the Constitutional and Administrative Court.
Additionally, of course, he also represents our clients in "everyday cases".


 You can find the list of publications here.


   Research on the regional history of his birthplace (Ober St. Veit)
   Legal history of Hungary
   Honorary colleague of the District Museum of Hietzing

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